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Just in time for gift-giving, the joyful Corina Vladescu spirit dazzles for the end-of-year celebrations with a curated selection of ready-to-wear styles. A personal blend of emblematic outfits, perfect for the Festive Season.

cassatt dress cassatt dress 1180 Lei marlowe leather pants marlowe leather pants 1700 Lei clove dress clove dress 2900 Lei kat dress kat dress 2290 Lei ocean blue top ocean blue top 890 Lei sade top sade top 1100 Lei Mae black dress Mae black dress 2650 Lei velma dress velma dress 2100 Lei mae pink dress mae pink dress 2650 Lei anna dress anna dress 1790 Lei Ocean lace top Ocean lace top 850 Lei myrtle bw dress myrtle bw dress 2750 Lei DAKOTA premium TOP DAKOTA premium TOP 1260 Lei Joan dress Joan dress 1100 Lei keira plumetis top keira plumetis top 1150 Lei Riley top Riley top 550 Lei lolita black dress lolita black dress 1990 Lei keira bw top keira bw top 1150 Lei ocean bw top ocean bw top 890 Lei ondine dress ondine dress 2550 Lei Maud leather pants Maud leather pants 2000 Lei mae dress mae dress 2650 Lei serene black dress serene black dress 2500 Lei cassidy top cassidy top 790 Lei myrtle dress myrtle dress 2550 Lei brooke skirt brooke skirt 1450 Lei keira lace premium top keira lace premium top 1150 Lei Ryder short dress Ryder short dress 1950 Lei anise top anise top 990 Lei brooke skirt brooke skirt 1450 Lei cat two tone mini skirt cat two tone mini skirt 770 Lei Jean luxe dress Jean luxe dress 2200 Lei addison dress addison dress 3000 Lei lolita pleated dress lolita pleated dress 1050 Lei kaia clr dress kaia clr dress 1750 Lei maddox sweat maddox sweat 600 Lei ondine dress ondine dress 2660 Lei lynn dress lynn dress 2150 Lei kat dress kat dress 2390 Lei harper skirt harper skirt 790 Lei molly liquid dress molly liquid dress 2150 Lei lina liquid overall lina liquid overall 1210 Lei maud white pants maud white pants 650 Lei maui liquid dress maui liquid dress 1520 Lei jak dress jak dress 1650 Lei cassia liquid dress cassia liquid dress 1970 Lei addison dress addison dress 3000 Lei Keira premium top Keira premium top 800 Lei keira top keira top 1150 Lei anouk dress anouk dress 1650 Lei serene leather skirt serene leather skirt 1110 Lei ocean silk top ocean silk top 890 Lei annora dress annora dress 1750 Lei kat dress kat dress 2290 Lei Marlowe toffee leather pants Marlowe toffee leather pants 1700 Lei Ocean silk blend top Ocean silk blend top 890 Lei serene lace skirt serene lace skirt 730 Lei jean dress jean dress 1700 Lei bryan pants bryan pants 1300 Lei vera pants vera pants 900 Lei blaze top blaze top 1500 Lei ocean black lace top ocean black lace top 890 Lei maud pants maud pants 650 Lei miss c pink dress miss c pink dress 2450 Lei jaya top jaya top 790 Lei bohan pink dress bohan pink dress 2970 Lei molly golden dress molly golden dress 1200 Lei miss c blue dress miss c blue dress 2200 Lei cassia black dress cassia black dress 2200 Lei francesca dress francesca dress 900 Lei pepper black dress pepper black dress 1500 Lei molly black dress molly black dress 1200 Lei bohan dress bohan dress 2900 Lei chloe overall chloe overall 1200 Lei pepper long black dress pepper long black dress 2000 Lei willow dress willow dress 1000 Lei coco dress coco dress 2200 Lei